Chasing Night

Recent lucid dreams inspiring poetry.

My eyes close every night

The moon becomes my only light

Shadows dance and dreams emerge

I try not to indulge in my nightly splurge

I run and jump across a bottomless lake

Searching for every oppertunity I am willing to take

A place where reality doesn’t seem to stay in line

Though, if it did, this would be a much less interesting rhyme

Crawling out of my window into a pool of sunlight

But only seconds ago darkness flooded my sight

Lifting my arms and flicking my wrist

The sky tranforms into an endless abyss

Intimidating dark clouds ripple, and as I blink

They are suddenly splotched with soft peaches and pinks

A slow, soothing tune pulls my mind into a trance

I look, and discover that the shadows are starting to dance

My feet fall into the rhythm

I smile, and wonder why people fear them

Light bounces with every laugh

I try to keep up with the shadow’s task

My mind won’t let me stay for long

So I am forced to end my song

Gently, my arms float down to my sides

I stifled a sob, as I caused the shadows to cry

Waving farewell to the world I have made

I wish more than anything that I could have stayed

But the universe spoke of adventures I have yet to sieze

So I leave this peaceful world with ease

My eyelids slowly open, and, once again,

The dark is my returning forever friend

I peek out my window, and smile at the moon

For blessing me with dreams that I shall reunite with soon



Little Stars

Dear you,

This is going to be a safe place where I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts, poems, and some of my favorite quotes. Feel free to explore my little universe. Just do not get lost. Thoughts are the easiest thing to lose yourself in.